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When you try to be silly and cute at the same time:

Hahah Shannon and maddie


A. Why my last relationship ended: What?

B. Favourite band: My little ponies.. the band
C. Who I like and why I like them: I like him because he enjoys sitting down with me and analyzing my little ponies.. thats all i look for in a guy. BRONIES FOR LIFE Y’ALL.
D. Hardest thing I’ve ever been through: When all of Twilights friends left her in my little ponies and she turned gray.
E. My best friend: Twilight!
F. My favourite movie: Harry Potter.
G. Sexual orientation: You tell me.
H. Do I smoke/drink? I don’t smoke and I drink occasionally but when I do, I get DRUNK! WOOOTWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
I. Have any tattoos or piercings? I have a my little ponies tramp stamp ;) hmu
J. What I want to be when I get older: A cashier at mcdonalds
K. Relationship with my parents: Best friends, i live in their basement...
L. One of my insecurities: Everything about mee……
N. Favourite place to shop at? Toys R Us
O. My eye colour: Green
P. Why I hate school: Not enough bronies present
Q. Relationship status as of right now: Single and ready to mingleeeee
R. Favourite song at the moment: Anything 
S. A random fact about myself: My bedroom has rainbows and my little pony pictures all over

T. Age I get mistaken for: 2000
U. Where I want to be right now: With my little ponies
V. Last time I cried: PERSONAL
W. Concerts I’ve been to: The Wiggles
X. What would you do if (…)? Hgjeifjeofwkfeof (legit answer)
Y. Do you want to go to college: Im content in my parents basement
Z. How are you? FANTASTICAL THANKS FOR ASKING xoxoxo ;) hmu

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